Friday, April 1, 2011

Cool Weather Seedlings available at next Farmers Market

This blog is a good venue for letting folks know what I'm going to have at the  next Farmers Market. It also seems a great way to give some interesting information about particular plants and recommendations about planting and care. I'm excited about this! Especially the medicinals have such rich and interesting histories as well as uses. Most of the medicinals in my greenhouse will be ready by May. But during April, I'll be selling cool-weather veggie seedlings like the ones above. It is too early to put the tender annuals out in the garden yet. But it is a great time to get the cool-loving plants into the ground. They can stand some frost.

The next farmers market in Iowa City is on April 9th at the Grant Wood Marketplace. At that market, I'll have the following:

4-Packs of vegetable seedlings @$2.50:
Cos Lettuce
Bibb Lettuce
Swiss Chard (Bright Lights)

Big pots (second-year plants):
Rosemary - $8-10
Oregano - $6
Lavender - $6
Thyme - $6
Peppermint - $6
Anise Hyssop - $6

I'll also have a good supply of the two healing salves: Herbal Healing Salve (for skin conditions) and Arthritis/Joint Pain Salve. Prices of these: $6 for 1 ounce jar, $9 for 2 oz. jar.

I may also have some herbal shoulder pillows and eye pillows @ $24 and $9-10 respectively.
See you at the Market!


  1. How does one get rid of the taking over of morning glories in a spot the she wants to devote to vegetable? They keep climbing up the corn stocks and suffocating the sunflowers? Thanks!

  2. Those morning glories must be well established! My usual problem with morning glories is that they are SO hard to start from seed! As long as you want to get rid of them without poisons, I would say that just a lot of hoeing or tilling is probably the only answer. Once they're dead, they're dead. And though at first new ones will keep coming up, that will gradually stop and you'll have a morning glory-free zone. Good luck!