Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weeders needed!

I have been doing trades all year: weeding for massage sessions or plants. And now that it has rained (hooray), there is more weeding to be done. If you are interested and live nearby, please send me an email at nanjfawcett@gmail.com and we can set up a time. It is fun to weed together. Good conversation can happen and more gets done!


I had given up offering another tincture workshop this summer because of the drought. Although the second and third year perennials were holding their own, they were vulnerable because of the lack of rainfall for the last two or three months. And the new plantings were just hanging in there, those of them that survived. But hallelujah, we had a good rain on Saturday evening and it has given everything a new lease on life. Although there is no rain in the forecast for awhile, I am hopeful that the gardens will recover now. And so I've scheduled another tincture workshop for July 8th. The post immediately before this has a notice about this workshop, though I don't know why it is in color. I hope you can read it.

Making tinctures is so satisfying! And the wonderful thing about tinctures, once they're made, is that they last for years. So you can have a set of various remedies that wait in your medicine cabinet until you  need them.