Sunday, October 7, 2012

Turning of the Year

The view from my south porch has changed dramatically since I took this picture three days ago. Now there are fewer leaves on the trees, and they are not as bright, whereas the ground is thick with a cushion of yellow and red. Some folks thought we would not have a beautiful autumn show because of the drought, but it has been quite lovely here. Two nights of freezing temperatures several weeks ago ended the season for tender plants, but the hardy ones are still enjoying the crisp clear weather.

Still we are in drought conditions. Even though autumn is often dry here in Iowa, we've not recovered from the lack of rain in the summer. So I have been watering both gardens. The well here on the farm seems just fine yet, and the old red pump, seated in the center of the comfrey above, has been working overtime this past week.

It is interesting to see what plants survive despite drought conditions. The yellow beets (below) were a big surprise! They did not get particular care this summer, nor much watering. Yet they produced huge roots that are tender and sweet. And some large turnips that should have been harvested months ago also surprised me with a sweet smooth texture and flavor. I am grateful!

I have stayed home today with a virus of some sort, and it has slowed me down. Though I don't like to be sick, it is good to slow down. I have just finished watching the movie "I Am" and I am hoping that those who read this blog will find it and watch it too. For those of us who are concerned about the way the world is going, this film is a good prescription. It shows how we've gone astray, but also shows that built into our DNA is the ability to bring us around. I most emphatically recommend it!